Your doorway to a spectacular second home

  • Purchase a share of your dream holiday home
  • Use your home exclusively, in proportion to your fractional ownership
  • Share the running costs with like-minded co-owners
  • Enjoy your fully managed second home
  • Rent out your home if you chose to
  • Sell your share of the property when you choose to

Featured holiday homes

Make one of the most beautiful places in Europe your second home with Lazazu co-ownership

How to become a co-owner

1. Share your criteria

Tell us about your ideal holiday home. What is your desired destination? How many bedrooms do you require? The more detail, the better.


2. Schedule a call with us

We will discuss your preferences in detail, answer any questions you may have, and explain the next steps. You will receive access to the Lazazu information pack after our meeting.


3. Get matched

Once you confirm your interest, we will actively start matching you with a beautiful holiday home that meets your criteria and with other co-owners.

4. Purchase a share

View the property and decide how much you want to own. A ⅛ share gives you 45 nights of exclusive use per year. We manage the entire buying process for you.

5. Enjoy your second home

We look after all aspects of managing the home and will be your single point of contact. Simply schedule your stays using our intuitive technology. Unlock the front door and enjoy your beautiful holiday home. Unlike timeshare, this is true real estate ownership.



Lazazu assisted us when a previous co-owner successfully sold his stake in our shared home. I was concerned when we first considered co-ownership about whether we’d be able to use the home when we wanted to, but this has not been an issue. We’re all able to use the home year-round including over the coveted main summer season.



Aside from being reliable and considerate, Lazazu has a great eye for detail and constantly comes up with suggestions on how to make our home look and function more effectively. One simple example which has worked really well is having private storage cupboards for personal items.



Co-owning and sharing the costs and hassle of running a unique property has proved to be a very sensible decision and we’ve never had an issue with anyone not paying their contribution.



We co-own a large property in an area where co-ownership is actually quite common. The owners have been together for many years now and we are already heading into the second generation of co-owners, so this clearly works. I like Lazazu’s model where you have a 3rd party taking care of everything.



I am very happy with the co-ownership set-up I have which includes a well considered legal structure that protects all the co-owners. Lazazu is clearly passionate about properties and the physical aspects but also has a strong grasp of the administrative and legal detail behind our set-up.


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