How Lazazu co-ownership works

Own a spectacular holiday home at a fraction of the cost.

  1. With Lazazu, you can buy to ½ of your dream holiday home. Each co-ownership share gives you 45 nights of exclusive use per year. This is real estate ownership, not timeshare.
  2. Each home has between two and eight like-minded owners. Together, you own 100% of the property. We don’t retain any shares.
  3. We match you with a beautiful home that meets your criteria and with other qualified co-owners, handle the legal work and set up a dedicated company for your home. We charge a fee for this service.
  4. We refresh, equip, and beautifully furnish your second home with the help of professional European interior designers.
  5. We oversee the company and look after all aspects of your property. Our monthly management fee is EUR 125 per share.
  6. You contribute to the carefully budgeted running costs of the home pro rata to your fractional ownership. We don't mark up these costs.
  7. We serve as your single point of contact. You can meet fellow owners if some of you would like to meet each other, but this would only be for personal interest.
  8. We provide guarantees. If one of the co-owners has difficulty making their payments, you are protected.
  9. You schedule your stays using our intuitive and equitable booking system and enjoy your beautiful holiday home.
  10. If you want to sell your share in the future, we are here to assist you with the entire process.