Is Ibiza the perfect place for your second home?

Lazazu Team

December 15, 2021

Things to love about Ibiza

Located 150km off the Valencian coast in the Mediterranean sea, Ibiza is one of the most popular of Spain’s beautiful Balearic Islands. Although perhaps most well known as the holy ground of electronic music, the island offers so much more – and could be the perfect place for your second home.  

One of the things we love most about Ibiza is its size and how easy it is to get around. To put it in context, Ibiza covers an area of 572.56 square kilometres and is almost six times smaller than one of our other Balearic favourites, Mallorca. So, whether you choose to own a quiet countryside Finca, a place along the island’s idyllic shores or a large home on the outskirts of Ibiza Town with its shimmering port and Dalt Vila citadel, nothing will feel too far away.

This is good news for those occasions when you can bear to leave your beautiful home to discover the island’s rich culture, explore a secret cove, chase a famed sunset or enjoy another delicious meal. Even its stunning little sibling Formentera is only a day trip away. 

We also love Ibiza for its hills. Hills provide homeowners with endlessly satisfying views, along with many opportunities to enjoy and explore the island’s landscapes. 

Oh, and before we forget, Ibiza boasts approximately 300 sunshine days a year, a minimum average of five sunshine hours a day and a mid-winter temperature average of around 15 degrees Celsius. So you can enjoy your second home all year round.


Exploring Ibiza style

As second home lovers, in our minds ‘Ibiza style’ – a reference to the island’s unique mix of architecture and design – stands equal to its music fame. The combination of functional and simple design always feels contemporary irrespective of a home’s exact vintage, but at the same time inviting as opposed to austere. 

In fact, this unique style made such an impression in the late 1920s that German Dadaists and Bauhaus followers invited Le Corbusier, one of the great exponents of modern architecture, to visit the island and explore its homes. 

While travelling around the island searching for the perfect second home, we realised there is a lot more to Ibiza’s style than just the famed architecture and design. We were struck by the island’s unique open-minded spirit, hippy vibe, and quirkiness – and how different it is to some of the other nearby islands that we also love. There really is ‘another Ibiza style’. 

So, whether a family, couple or individual, young or old, this charming Balearic island has something to offer for everyone. 

From the perfect place for your second home – Ibiza, with love.


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