Charming home with sea views

Spain, Ibiza, Sant Josep

  • EUR 837,000
  • share
  • EUR 5,290,000
    Full listing price
  • 5
  • 5
  • 450 m²
    House size
  • 7283 m²
    Land size


This charming hilltop country home is set on large natural grounds with views from its different terraces across the countryside and the sea in the distance. Traditional in style, it has been beautifully renovated with the necessary comforts in mind. It is a ten minute drive from Sant Josep and from the airport.

How to become a co-owner

  • You can purchase between ⅛ to ½ of the property. A ⅛ share gives you 45 nights of exclusive use of your second home per year. This is real estate ownership, not timeshare.
  • Once we have sufficient interestwe will purchase the vacation home, set up a company for the home and allocate the shares to the various owners. If the home is purchased by someone else in the interim, we will help you find a similar property.
  • We refresh, equipand beautifully furnish your co-owned property together with professional interior designers.
  • Subsequently, you can schedule your stays and enjoy your fully managed second home exclusively in proportion to your ownership and share the running costs with the other fractional owners. You can also rent out some of your nights and generate rental income to offset your expenses.
  • We manage all aspects of your holiday home, serving as your single point of contact. All you need to do is arrive and enjoy your beautiful home.
  • You can sell your shares at the market price in any way you choose  – we will support you as needed. If the property appreciates in value, you will benefit from this.
  • Are you interested in co-owning this luxury holiday home or does it meet many but not all of your criteria? Please contact us, we will find the perfect property for you and do our best to match you with other like-minded buyers.


  • Tennis court
  • Sea view
  • Air conditioning
  • Heating
  • Fireplace


We find qualified owners, manage the company formation, close the purchase and redecorate the home.

  • Purchase Price

    Full home: EUR 5,290,000

    EUR 661,250
  • Home Upgrade

    Inspection, interior design & furnishings

    EUR 26,505
  • Standard Purchase Costs

    Transfer tax, land registry and notary fees

    EUR 73,202
  • Our Fee

    Buyer aggregation, legal, financing & upgrades

    EUR 76,044
  • Total ⅛ Ownership

    45 nights per year

    EUR 837,000
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