Owning a second home – a great option or more trouble than it’s worth?

Lazazu Team

janvier 1, 2022

A dream destination for your ‘feel at home’ holidays? A desire for a different lifestyle? A plan for retirement? A savvy investment and way to generate income? There are so many reasons why you might consider buying a second home.

However, while a second home could offer numerous lifestyle and financial benefits, it also comes with various costs and possible risks. So, before you commit to purchasing a second home – whether as an investment, for pleasure, or a bit of both – make sure you’re fully aware of what’s involved. And you may also want to consider the exciting alternative solution of co-ownership, which offers you a fully managed, amazing second home at a fraction of the cost – so all you need to do is turn up and enjoy your home.


A few things to think about before buying a second home

Have you done the math?

Second homes can often end up costing more than you expect. While the upfront price might be clear, the ongoing costs of running and maintaining your home can soon add up. From home insurance to energy and water bills, to gardening and maintenance, it can be surprising how much you have to spend on your second home – and don’t forget about the larger one-off expenses when something goes wrong or breaks. You may find yourself paying full-time costs for something you only get to enjoy on a part-time basis.


Have you got the time?

Dreaming of putting your feet under the table, slipping into a cozy bed or jumping into a heated pool as soon as you arrive at your second home? The reality might be a little different than imagined. As they say, time is money – and second homes often come with hidden costs in terms of how much of your time they take up and how much effort they require. Depending on how hands-on you plan to be with managing your property, the location of your home and how you plan to use it, owning a property in your dream destination could easily start to feel like ‘all work and no play’.


Have you got a plan?

Is your home just for you or do you plan to rent it out? How you intend to use your second home can have an impact on your options for financing it and how much time and money you need to spend on it. For example, properties purchased purely for holidays can often sit empty for long periods, allowing things to go wrong or break. Similarly, renting it out may take up a lot more of your time to manage than you’d expect.


Five ways to make owning a second home work for you

Of course, none of these potential obstacles are insurmountable. Here are a few ways in which you could make second home ownership as hassle free as possible.

1. Set your goals

As someone once said, ‘preparation is key’. Putting a simple plan and budget together before you buy – detailing things like why you want a second home, what you can afford, and how you’re going to use it – should help you choose the best location and type of home for your needs, as well as clarify how it could affect your finances, time, and lifestyle.


2. Outsource the hassle 

If your budget allows, employing local companies or property managers to take care of the cleaning, maintenance, and running of your home can ease some of the time pressures and logistical challenges associated with owning a second home. However, there’s a strong chance you’ll still have to ‘manage the managers’ to some extent.


3. Rent it out

If your home is going to sit empty for most of the year, you may want to consider renting it out. Income from rentals could help cover running costs, and it’s a possible way to start seeing a return on your investment. However, rental income isn’t always guaranteed and rental laws can vary by location, with different tax and financing implications. Renting it out can also affect when you’re able to spend time in your home – so make sure you take this into consideration.


4. Work from your dream home

With more and more people and companies adapting to the concept of ‘work from anywhere’, you might be able to spend more time in your second home than just using it for holidays. Imagine being able to combine work and leisure in a completely new way, whenever you want…perhaps a quick black run on the ski slopes during your ‘lunch break’ or an ‘office’ with an ocean view?


5. Consider co-ownership

What if you could share the costs of owning and running a second home, and have someone take care of everything else for you – saving you time and effort?

If this sounds appealing, co-ownership might be right for you. Co-owning lets you match your capital outlay to the amount of time you want to spend in your home, which means you can potentially own a home more spectacular than what you’d initially dreamt of.


Let Lazazu help make your dream second home a reality

With Lazazu’s co-ownership model, you buy part of a beautiful second home, which you’ll share with up to eight other carefully selected owners. But don’t worry about making awkward conversation around the dinner table; you get exclusive use of the home.

We take care of all the paperwork, management, and maintenance of your home – saving you time, effort and hassle. We also ensure the home is furnished and decorated by professional interior designers, give you access to a simple and frictionless scheduling system, and provide you with storage for your personal items you want to leave behind. All you have to worry about is turning up to enjoy your beautiful home.


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