Autumn in the Balearic islands

Lazazu Team

September 26, 2022

As summer draws to a close and the golden, autumnal days of September, October and November stretch ahead, it is the perfect time to escape to the Spanish Balearic islands. While the summer mood may have faded in many of Europe’s holiday hotspots, it lingers a little longer in the Balearics – the intense summer heat has relented but the sea is warm, the beaches and natural beauty spots inviting, and there is plenty of sunshine still to be enjoyed. All of this makes autumn in the Balearic islands the perfect time to explore.


Why the Balearics in autumn? 


The climate

The Balearic islands, made up of Mallorca, Menorca, Ibiza and Formentera, lie in a sun-kissed archipelago off the eastern coast of Spain and have a reputation for a wonderful climate all year round. The hot, sunny, long summers and mild, pleasant winters make them a destination of choice for travelers looking for a wide variety of landscapes, activities and experiences. During the early autumn months the temperatures rise to an average daily high of about 27 degrees, with eight hours of sunshine a day.  


Fewer crowds

At this time of year, with the learners having returned to school and the bustle of high summer behind us, there are fewer tourists crowding the streets and beaches of the islands, yet there is still a pleasant holiday buzz and plenty of atmosphere. 


Things to do in the Balearics in autumn


Enjoy outdoor activities

This time of year the weather is perfect for enjoying the multitude of outdoor activities on offer. Mallorca, the largest of the four island sisters, famously draws road cyclists to its mountainous bike routes and hikers to its forested, cliff-side trails and the Serra de Tramuntana mountain range. Menorca boasts a fascinating array of archaeological sites to be explored, the most famous and impressive of which is La Naveta des Tudons, a dry-stone building constructed of enormous limestone blocks without the use of mortar. You could also book a sailboat tour from Formentera, a Jeep safari in Ibiza, or go back in time on a lighthouse tour – these romantic towers are dotted across the islands.


Whatever your ideal holiday itinerary, you’ll find activities in abundance on these islands in autumn – and enjoy them all the more thanks to pleasant  temperatures. 


Al fresco dining

Of course, there are fewer hours of sunlight in autumn than during the height of summer, but the evenings remain balmy enough to enjoy on terraces and outdoors. The Balearic islands are celebrated for their sophisticated gastronomic scene and wonderful food, and restaurants to suit every diner’s taste still buzz with a holiday atmosphere long after the summer crowds have left. 


Cultural immersion

September is a time when concerts, festivals, parades, exhibitions, and other cultural events take place across the islands. Particularly famous for wine enthusiasts is the Festa des Vermar, or Wine Fair, held in Binissalem, Mallorca, each September, and which includes grape crushing competitions, wine tasting, and even a grape battle. 


Enjoy the Balearics at the best time of year, every year. 

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